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Arizona Opera - The Arizona Opera's Virtual Opera House
Onstage, the Arizona Opera house is home to a number of great opera performances and online it houses an excellent collection of information on all aspects behind the stage. Many pages on the site are devoted to teaching you about the finer points of opera. For instance, you have access to opera synopses, composer biographies, an opera etiquette guide, and even a glossary with audio pronunciation guide.

Arts Wire: The New York Foundation for the Arts
This site is a great online navigating resource for the arts. Link up to information on a variety of artistic platforms. Find sites dealing with poetry to music education, access an online journal providing periodical perspectives of the state of the arts, or find out about the latest news and upcoming events in the art world.

This page offers information on an arts education program that aims to accelerate learning and creativity by allowing its students to become well versed in many different fields of artistic ability. This page is still in its early phases of development, but it provides contact information for you to learn more about this exciting program.

Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music
The Associated Board offers a system of musical examinations testing the proficiency of students at all levels all around the world. You can learn more about the worldwide credibility of these exams in addition to understanding their educational merit. To find out more about where these tests are administered in the United States and which schools support them, click on to this site.

Association for Technology in Music Instruction
For teachers who utilize the Web as a resource for teaching students music, this site might be for you. This organization works to promote education in computer-assisted music education, providing a useful guidebook reviewing available hardware and software usability in music teaching. Other than basic information about the organization and how to join, this site has a newsletter updating users on what's going on in the music technology world.

Center for the Arts in the Basic Curriculum
The Center for the Arts is a research-centered institute that engages in dialogues with educators encouraging the promotion of the arts in the classroom. It has compiled a number of studies and essays documenting the importance of an expanded arts curriculum and field studies that demonstrate integrating programs in schools. These reports are available online at this site.

ChoralNet pulls out all the stops as the hub of the choral music community where enthusiasts visit first when embarking on a project. It provides three different email subscriptions depending on your interests in addition to providing over 1,000 links to choral music related sites.

College Band Directors National Association
This site is an online forum for CBDNA members to exchange ideas on working to promote effective music education. Available onsite is a calendar of upcoming conferences, publications on the field, and a bulletin board for job postings and related news.

Culturefinder: The Internet Address for the Performing Arts
Looking for the latest play or musical nearest you? This site, which allows you to purchase tickets and read about performing arts going on around the nation, can certainly be of help. You can explore different categories of the performing arts and read reviews on this site as well.

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