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Theory for Students

AP Music Theory
For college bound seniors cramming for the AP Music Theory exam, or for those who just have questions about what the subject covers and what you can gain from the course, visit the official Advanced Placement site. It features answers to questions about college credit, what you are expected to know, and how the exam is graded.

Eric Weisstein's Treasure Trove of Music
This treasure chest holds definitions of important musical terms and concepts. While some definitions are too complex for elementary musicians, others are short, sweet, and easy enough for young maestros to master.

Gary Ewer's "Easy Music Theory"
For beginners of music theory or those interested in gaining a rudimentary understanding of music in general, this site is for you. It features a twenty-six-step lesson plan, complete with accompanying quizzes and answer sheets for you to track your progress.

Introduction to Reading Music
Learn to read music one simple step at a time on this Web site. Begin with clefs and time signatures, and then advance to basic counting and symbols. If you like this tutorial, return to the "Education Section" to access other lessons.

Math and Music
Learn about the close relationship between mathematics and music. Bone up on the basics such as pitch, time signatures, and rhythm, then move on to the interactive quizzes or read some informative articles.

Music Notes
This site is terrific for anyone who wants to learn about music. The music theory section, in particular, is a great starting place for beginning choir, band, or orchestra students. Articles on various instruments, musical styles, and music history round out the site nicely. Be sure to lead your students to the Name That Interval game!

Perfect Pitch Museum
Not everyone is blessed with perfect pitch, but greater experience and education about pitch always helps. This page is devoted to informing music students about what comprises perfect pitch. The site’s historic, scientific, and musical approaches to analyzing pitch are the perfect quick reads for the budding musician.

Play a Piano: Imaging the Imagined
This little virtual reality piano allows you to get a dose of music theory and math. Learn about how the amplitude and period of sound waves correspond with the production of pitch and volume by experimenting on this online instrument. For those who just want to create tunes, this piano is equipped with MIDI playback capabilities.

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