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Allegro: the Music Education Search Site
Do you need to find something on learning or teaching music? This link library brings you to lesson plans aplenty, and takes you to music education sites for opera singers and teacher databases, virtual classrooms, and resources for scholars.

FAQ: The Guide to Chord Theory
Got a music-related question? This site can probably answer it and then some. Basically, this is an ambitious attempt to answer frequently asked questions on the often-complicated subject of chord theory with concise explanations of music terminology. In sum, this site is a well-organized guide to learning the notes that make up chords.

Library Web: Music Resources
The music department at the Columbia University has archived a comprehensive list of music-related links on the Web. This site breaks down these music essentials into different research topics, accommodating music students of all levels.

Mathematics and Music
This site doesn't try to cover every aspect of music theory but talks about the relationship between math and music. The format of this page is such that you are presented with basic explanations on the topic, and if you are interested in high fidelity details you can click on to the short phrases imbedded within the summarized content to find out more.

Music Education Resource Links
This link library for music educators maps Web sites to the national content standards for music. Log on, select your standard and grade level, and then find Web sites suitable for in-class learning.

MiBAC Music Theory Reference
This handy music reference guide is an excellent primer on the music basics. Although this page is meant as a supplement to a music tutoring software, it provides all of the essential resources and flexibility for those without it.

Music Theory Corner
This site designed by traditional Irish and Scottish musicians highlights everything from the basics to the finely tuned aspects of music theory. As students of famous music theorists, these performers draw out the intricacies of music theory, carefully crafting pages that reflect their deep enthusiasm for the field.

Music Theory Online
This site is an online forum for music theorists around the world to post their scholarly works and to communicate with other music theorists. Unlike other sites devoted to compiling works of music scholarship, this site attempts to explore non-traditional forms of music analysis by promoting the discussion of topics like computer music.

Practical Music Theory
Like most other online music theory primers this site boasts concise lessons and a library of links to other music related sites. But unlike other sites, this bilingual page contains brilliant music activities as constructive diversion. You can also test your knowledge by clicking on to exams.

Solomon's Music Theory and Composition Resources
Constructed by a professor of music theory, this site is an excellent place to get acquainted with the finer points of music by using the Web. Professor Solomon has not only catalogued his own scholarly works on music composition and theory, but he has compiled a series of links relating to these topics. This is a great starting point for doing research on music theory or history.

The Tonal Center: Tonality
It is often difficult to describe the meaning of tonality, but this site attempts to make the concept clearer by analyzing it from its different components - chords, scales, cadences, and modulation - and then utilizes MIDI files to further your understanding. This site is for more advanced students of music theory who want to achieve a level of understanding beyond what is available in conventional music theory publications.

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