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MIDI and Software

Microtonal Synthesis
This site is for microtonal enthusiasts who want to learn more about making their own music. This site provides a guide for sifting through the best microtonal music available, a listing of microtonal-capable computer and synthesizer equipment, and a reference guide for microtonal scales.

Music Tutorial Software
This site provides samples for music software that teaches neophytes to music how to acquire an ear for music and the basics of music theory. Try some of the learning demos and find out if this program is right for you.

Music, the Universal Language
For elementary teachers looking for a good resource that accommodates both students and teachers, check this site out. It features excellent lesson plans on music theory and music from around the world. Also, find music games and a songbook of simple tunes for your students to jam on. To allow you to research more specific genres of music, this site has the Net covered with links to music related pages.

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