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Acoustics and Tuning

American Festival of Microtonal Music
Visit here for more information about concerts on microtonal music. Very briefly, microtonal music is generally not based on the 12-tone scale prevalent in Western music and is not constrained to any style or time period. To learn more about microtonal music or to find out about concerts taking place, visit this site.

Definitions of Tuning Terms
Essentially, this site is a comprehensive glossary of tuning terms. For those who need help in studying up on music theory or those tuning up for AP exams, this site is a must-visit.

Experimental Musical Instruments
Explore unconventional ways of making music on this site. It offers instructions on creating experimental music-makers out of everyday materials such as mailing tube drums and driftwood marimbas. For those who want to learn music by making instruments to experiment with on your own, this site is for you.

Just Intonation Network
Just Intonation is any system of tuning in which all of the intervals can be represented by ratios of whole numbers. This sounds like a mouthful, but basically these ratios are what make up melody and harmony. The Just Intonation Network deals with the promotion of a journal put out by its members called "1/1" which deals with the applications of Just Intonation as a method of understanding and navigating through an endless pitch continuum.

Mathematics of Tuning and Temperament
Learn about how math and Western music are intertwined by reading up on this site. It features descriptions on the basic foundations of music theory's relationship to math and even provides audio examples of different scales and notes.

Musical Instrument Acoustics
On this informative site, learn how different music instruments create their distinctive sounds by reviewing their physical properties. Follow the flow charts offered on any given instrument and you'll be able to understand how the science of acoustics works.

The Physics of Music
This page attempts to capture the differences between Western conceptions of tuning compared with Indian classical music. But more than this, it is an essay providing the groundwork for an understanding of music from a strictly physics perspective.

The Science of Musical Sounds
Though this Web site offers excerpts from a 1916 publication on how musical sound works and may not be applicable in today's science of acoustics, it nonetheless provides a fascinating glimpse into how sound and physics come together. Learn the history behind tuning standards (such as A=440) and some methods of photographing sound waves (such as the phonodeik).

Sonic Arts
This site gives information about a school for microtonal music based out of San Diego, California, led by musicians called the Sonic Art Ensemble. For musicians interested in learning more about microtonal music, just intonation, and their relationship to visual arts, browse through this site.

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