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Ancient East Indian FAQ
This site is a compilation of the best classical Indian music information available on the Web. It covers different periods and regions and should provide enough research sites for your frequently asked questions on the subject.

Arabic Music History
This site visits the history of Arab music analyzing its first occurrence and early linguistic roots then goes on at length on the great Arab musicians of the past. This site is a good overview of a history spanning thousands of years and it even includes renderings of the different types of instruments that were prominent throughout history.

Black History In Music
Rhino Records pays tribute to the rich history of African-American music. Take a look at the evolution of music styles from rap to gospel and learn about the pioneers who pushed the envelope of creativity. Read about how your favorite music got its roots and find links to online resources and books if this site leaves you wanting to learn more.

Brazilian Music & Folklore
This site not only exhausts every facet of Brazilian music but it explores a range of creative and performing arts platforms central to the culture. Some of the site's pages have MP3s so that you can hear the sounds of the festivals and the voices of popular music.

History of Country Music
This site looks at Country's influential artists and songs of the 1930s through the 1990s era by era. It includes numerous rare images, sound clips, and digital movies.

History of Indian Music
Take a look at the roots of Indian music and gain an understanding of the genre's harmony and melody at this site. While you're looking, you can listen to Indian music; the site's author also provides a list of books and CDs on the subject that might be of interest to you.

A History of Ancient Greek Music
This is one of the few sites that takes a look at the history of ancient Greek music. It begins in the Mythic Period and ends in the Hellenistic Period. Read short descriptions of what might be considered the roots of Western music.

The History of Czech Music
The organization of this site is such that Czech music history is broken down into six distinct periods. Yet this site also focuses on the interrelatedness of different music styles and platforms and takes a look at the composers who made it happen.

Medieval Music of Cyprus
This site focuses on the historical conditions behind the production of the medieval music of Cyprus. Learn about the waxing and waning of Cypriot music culture. Although this site may be narrow in scope, it is an excellent example of how religious and political climates influenced this performing art.

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