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General Information

Music Hall: European
To research specific periods in music history -- such as the Baroque or the Renaissance -- visit our European music page, which breaks down European music history by era.

Almanac of Classical Music History
This site clues you in on almost everything you need to know about classical music history. Check out the directory of either classical or new age music if you're having a hard time finding what you want or are trying to solve a trivia question.

Carolina Classical Connection
This excellent link library organizes a Web's worth of sites devoted to major periods in European music history. Click on the buttons for each time period, from the Renaissance to the 20th century, and you'll find a list of appropriate sites.

Center for the History of Music Theory and Literature
Indiana University's Department of Music has compiled a site where serious researchers can go to find a library of classical tracts on music originally written in Latin and Italian. In addition, you can read some graduate student dissertations on music theory if you are interested in approaching music from a purely academic stance.

The Classical Score
The Classical Score is an online timeline of Music History and Hymnology. Unique in that it covers world events, musical characteristics, genre, form, theory, composers, major works and treatises and hymnology.

European Musical Heritage
The Music Department at Rhodes College has assembled a savvy Web site for one of their music classes where students can access homework assignments, class Web projects, and even multimedia quizzes. don't feel out of place, though. Any music buff or student of music can expand and test his or her knowledge of music history on this site.

History of Classical Music (I)
Beef up on your knowledge of classical music by visiting this site. It breaks down the history of classical music into distinct periods. A menu where you can select details about specific subtopics follows a brief overview of the music of a specific period. You can also listen to musical samples from each period.

History of Classical Music (II)
Check out the great classical music section on this site for an online audio and visual feast. The Quintessential Composition lets you listen to a featured great and is accompanied by stunning computer-generated graphics. This site has articles on featured contemporary artists and for those planning a wedding or some other major event, you can sample music to fit your needs.

HyperHistory Online: The Past 3,000 Years
This site is not merely suited for students of music history but is also directed for students of history in general. You can select a timeline of famous historical figures, or get an overview of historical periods and its important events.

Music History Resources
A former doctoral student of music at Harvard University put this site together with the intention of priming students and other music history buffs about particular musical periods. His history links are mainly comprised of notes and outlines, which is great for those cramming for an exam.

Music History 102
At this site you have the option of coolly glancing over major periods of music history or you can link into more detailed aspects, complete with RealAudio selections of compositions of yore. Spanning the Middle Ages to the twentieth century with audio bites of anything from Gregorian chants to Bach, this site provides hours of fun research.

The Symphony: An Interactive Guide
If you teach music appreciation, band, or orchestra, you'll love this online guide to symphonies. Your class can hear clips of instruments, learn the form of the symphony, view a timeline of important music events, read about the world's composers, and enjoy clips of some of the most famous symphonies ever written.

This Day in Music History
Log on to this site and get your daily dose of music happenings on that day in history. If you can't wait to see what happens tomorrow, you can pick any day out of the year to study. It's just like having a word-of-the-day calendar for music facts, but this site also provides links to other music sites.

This Week in Rock 'n' Roll
While the Rock 'n' Roll Vault includes updates on what went on in music history for any given week, it contains much more. You can download rock-related wallpaper, link up to info on the Beatles, and for those who just want their history nice and simple, there is a timeline and links to other music history sites.

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