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Techniques, Rules, and Instruction
A music education portal, GVOX provides free online tutorials on music composition for teachers and students that can also be downloaded and printed. Check out the latest news on composition, create your own composition online, or visit sections that include MIDI file libraries and government resources on music education.

Music Education Composition Network
Music educators can find curriculum models, suggestions, and tips here for teaching music to large and small groups.

Music Education Directory Lesson Plans
This directory provides only a brief overview of the vast resources of music education information available on the Web. Although its listings are limited, the selected sites are fully described and carefully chosen, reflecting some of the best available locations on the Web for students, researchers, and teachers of music.

Orchestra Composition: Guidelines, Techniques and Notation
This advice page on composition for the orchestra treats topics from timbre to the placement of emphasis on voices. Read the author's analysis of the sounds of stringed instruments and the characteristics of different instruments.

Resources and New Directions in Music Composition
This Website is a potpourri of offerings on musical theory and composition. Find topics ranging from instrument range charts to downloadable software for music notation plus a smattering of links to electronic and fractal music sites.

Schillinger System of Music Composition
Dedicated to explaining and promoting the Schillinger system of Music Composition, which was used by George Gershwin and Glenn Miller, the site for music educators offers some explanations of his method. Log on and learn more about Schillinger, find links, or visit the online bookstore.

Techniques of Music Composition
This site aims to teach about harmony, counterpoint, melody and the other building blocks of music composition through illustrated examples. The site is in both English and Spanish.

The Tonal Center
Looking for a better understanding of tones and scales, cadences and modulation? Check out this site that specializes in helping explain these theoretical issues, illustrated with charts and music clips.

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