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General Information

Eric Weisstein's Treasure Trove of Music
This treasure chest holds definitions of important musical terms and concepts. While some definitions are too complex for elementary musicians, others are short, sweet, and easy enough for young maestros to master.

Learn2 Read Music
Music often presents itself as overwhelming simply because it is like trying to learn another language. But musical notation is actually one of the easiest languages to pick up and it is virtually universal. Learn2Read Music provides beginners with a simple seven-step process for deciphering notes and clefs.

The Muse's Muse
Looking for links to anything related to songwriting? This site offers links to advice on techniques, help on translation, getting signed, and more. It also hosts classifieds pages, auction pages, and maintains a search engine for finding lyrics.

Popular Song Composition Links
This is a fantastic link library for composing your own songs. It links to instructional sites on songwriting, resources and associations that help promote your creative efforts, composer databases, and more. With these links, you can even find online rhyming dictionaries and sites that give advice on scams aimed at songwriters.

American Songwriters' Network
Get your music to the right people through this network. Monthly tip sheets on music industry leads are available from the American Songwriters' Network. Also, check out their annual songwriting competition and the extensive songwriting-related links.

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