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Center for the Promotion of Contemporary Composers
This organization promotes the works of its members, maintains biographies, and provides links to contemporary composers. It also links to many other sites related to composition and music, such as other composers' organizations and radio stations that feature new compositions.

Composers and Performers
The UCLA Music Library links to a number of sites that are quite helpful. You can search for compositions and discographies, composer societies all over the world, publisher lists, and individual home or fan pages.

A Composer's Guide - Writing for the Recorder
The article on this page explains and discusses how to write music for the recorder. The main site supports the composition of new works for the recorder, and has a section that invites young composers to submit their own creations for possible publishing. The site also maintains a collection of artist profiles and reviews of recorder music.

Gaudeamus Foundation
A must-browse for people interested in modern music, the Gaudeamus Foundation site carries information on modern composers, keeps calendars of events, and maintains bibliography and discography lists. It also organizes its own composition competitions.

Meet the Composer, Inc.
Serving composers since 1974, this organization enables musicians to create music while increasing their visible presence as creative artists. The organization has done nothing short of revolutionizing the field by establishing widely accepted standards of pay and opening doors for composers of every field of music. Read up on featured artist spotlights to learn about success stories in the business, investigate the organization's programs, learn about job opportunities, and find fabulous links to publications and music-related sites.

Music Teachers' National Association
Offering services such as teacher location, instructor certification, and conventions, the Music Teachers' National Association is an invaluable resource to people who teach and compose for a living.

Morton Subotnick's Creating Music
Doodle on the music sketchpad to create your own magnum opus, play with the music puzzles, and try out the rhythm band page to improve your own sense of rhythm.

Society of Composers
The Society organizes composition conferences and encourages students to set up local chapters in universities all over the United States. Learn about the annual conference, and subscribe to the free newsletter offered onsite.

Western Music Association
This Association is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of music in the American West. It maintains an FAQ about Western Music, listings of radio stations that promote the music, and listings of performers.

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