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American Composers Alliance
Looking for a score to rent or buy? Try searching through the score database of over 14,000 scores. If you are a composer, this site is even more valuable. It helps represent you and market your music, links to other sites, and helps present concerts featuring new works.

The Canons and Fugues of J.S. Bach
You read often about Bach's Canons and Fugues, but do you really know what they are all about? This page is full of articles that explain these two musical forms thoroughly, and also explain the ideas behind Bach's works, sometimes analyzing individual pieces. There are also many links to Bach-related sites on his music, history, and scores for downloading.

Classical Composers' Archive
Find composers anyway you want: by name, nationality, time period, or genre. There are a vast number of individual bios, complete with pictures and list of works. The archive proudly presents a composer's birthday every day, and maintains timelines and calendars of important occurrences in classical music. The site even has a list of composers who are Pulitzer Prize winners.

Classical Net - Composer Master Index
With an extensive list of composers, this site provides bios and lists of works as well as links to related articles and discographies. Musicians are classified by name and also period. Even relatively obscure composers get extensive mention.

Composers Index
This is a list of composers for Western Music. It even has a section and bibliography on women composers. The more famous composers like Debussy have their own pages with bios, lists of works, picture archives and bibliography in English and German. And yes, the site also offers many MP3s of music by the same composers.

J.S. Bach Home Page
Music history buffs rejoice! The J.S. Bach Home Page is your complete source for the life and works of this master composer. Find a comprehensive biography on the life of the artist, and find detailed historical facts about each of his works, organized by different categories.

Multimedia Beethoven Encyclopaedia
This site calls itself the Multimedia Beethoven Encyclopaedia, but its extensive academic resources far surpass the your typical encyclopedia entry. While this site has information on the artist's life, sound clips of his works, and even an interactive quiz, the real heart of the Web site rests in its thorough writings on Beethoven's nine symphonies. Here you'll find both historic and musical analyses of Beethoven's greatest works.

Mozart's Magical Musical Life
A giant storybook on the Web, this site is perfect for early readers and elementary students. Read about the life of Mozart, punctuated by color illustrations and snippets of his music.

20th Century Music: Composers
This site provides bios, composition lists, and some explanations behind the works of modern composers. The chronology of modern musical trends is very helpful, and the student pages are also useful as students provide information on individual composers.

Wolfgang Amade Mozart
Here's a truly beautiful and unique site devoted to the master musician Mozart. Read a lengthy biography of Mozart's short life and enjoy the in-depth detail about some of his compositions. don't miss the Concerts section, where you can choose from a number of his concerti, symphonies, chamber pieces, and operas, and then watch as a virtual stage unfolds and the music begins to play. Many pieces are available in midi files so you can freely download and save them to play for your students later. You'll need the Shockwave plug-in to navigate the site.

Women Composers
This educational site provides information and links to women composers. Read up on your favorite women composers, and then review the large MIDI collection of music written by women composers throughout the ages.

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