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Technique & Instruction

The Bassoon-Family Fingering Companion
If you want to find fingering instruction for a variety of notes, trills, shakes, and other effects for the bassoon, contrabassoon, and other reed instruments, this site has what you want. While the instructions are too advanced for beginning students, this fingering guide offers music educators detailed and illustrated tips that will help them teach better.

Clarinet Fingering Guide
This site is devoted to one simple thing: getting your fingering right. Log on and print out charts of all the keys, for high and low octaves, to help you better play your clarinet.

Flute Craft Manuals, Books, and Videos
This site has sells books, videos, and more on how to make and play your own woodwind instruments. While the primarily focus is on Native American flutes, the site will offer any flute enthusiast the means to better understand how flutes work.

Larry Krantz Flute Pages
Get help and questions answered on a variety of flute-related topics. Scroll down the page and use the buttons to access the flute FAQ; a list of stolen flutes; information on the Geoffrey Gilbert flute scholarships; and many articles on performing health, techniques, fingerings, and the audition experience.

Learning to Play the Clarinet
The site provides a guide for the basics of playing the clarinet, such as breathing, practicing, and tonguing techniques. It also links the learner to Clarinet charts that teach and illustrate fingering.

The New Way Things Work: Woodwind Instruments
This introductory page is excellent for children and explains how woodwinds work in animated graphics and text. You will need some plug-ins to watch. Learn about reeds, fingerholes, keys, and pads, as well as how the instrument shape affects sound.

Online Clarinet Resource
Advice on music hygiene, starting clarinet lessons, intonation, and more is available here. The site keeps archives of articles submitted by experienced musicians or scholars, and welcomes contributions on anything to do with the clarinet.

Saxophone FAQ
On this FAQ site, many questions about the saxophone are answered. You’ll learn about the various kinds of saxophone, the techniques behind special effects, and the different mouthpieces made by manufacturers.

Sax Lessons
Learn how to play the saxophone here. While this is a commercial site, many of its courses on music theory are free and well illustrated with diagrams, pictures, and MIDI files. There are also interesting articles on topics like improvisation and composers.

Woodwind Fingering Guide
This page is devoted entirely to guiding players through every fingering position for a variety of woodwind instruments. You can try out fingerings for the flute, piccolo, recorder, clarinet, saxophone, and more on this well-organized site.

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