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MIDIs, Sheet Music, and Software

Bassoon, Reeds and More
Download for free some classical bassoon MIDI files, and when you are done review the article on reed adjusting, or try out the chat and bulletin board. For a laugh, try the humorous bassoon cartoons to liven up your day.

Clarinet Music
Get music from modern as well as classical times here. All the MIDI files and scores here are either in the public domain or have been included with permission of the composers. So log on and safely download what you need for your clarinet. You’ll also find classical transcriptions for both solo and ensemble.

This site offers for sale all kinds of sheet music, accessories, and teaching aids for a wide variety of musical instruments. This is a well-classified and organized site, and is essential for any music educator with a budget to build out a library.

Oliver’s Music Page
A great range of pieces for the clarinet and other woodwind instruments is available here in Finale or MIDI format. You can hear solos, ensembles, and entire symphonies written by composers of different periods from de Abreu to von Weber.

Sax Music Plus
If you are looking for blues scores, information, FAQ, or music clips for the flute, clarinet, or saxophone, this is the site for you. It also includes Bach transcriptions for the saxophone, a tips and advice page, and free manuscript paper that you may print yourself. Adobe Acrobat Reader required to access some sections of the site.

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