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Clarinet Family
Did you know there are 27 different kinds of clarinet? This site describes the history behind many of them. Log on and learn about clarinet history and development, read FAQs on what material clarinets are made of, and listen to a number of RealPlayer clips of clarinet music from jazz to baroque.

Crane Saxophone Studio: Timeline
If you want a detailed history of the saxophone from 1814, this is the site to visit. Choose the links at the bottom to other information like altissimo fingering charts, recommended repertoire, and recordings.

Historical Woodwind Instruments
Did you know that the bassoon and the oboe originally had three keys, and the flute only one? This wonderful site describes, discusses, and explains the history and features of historical woodwind instruments.

Neanderthal Flute
Though this is an academic page, and may be too advanced for most students, this site provides information on the earliest known flute from the Neanderthal period. Log on and find other links to ethnomusicologist pages and technical debates about flutes.

Woodwind Literature and Pedagogy
Find a bibliography of books and periodicals on woodwind instruments on this site. Topics covered include history, pedagogy, discographies, and Internet resources, each section classified by instrument.

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