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General Information

Flutes are Fun!
This well-organized site offers an enormous amount of links. You can check on flute schools, choirs, and scholarships; buy sheet music; or look up repair services. It links directly to articles on flutists’ health and flute history, and maintains current listings of flute camps, competitions and master classes worldwide. The site also maintains substantial links providing more information on flutes from other parts of the world, from Australia to South America.

Recorder Home Page
The Recorder Home Page provides well-organized links and useful information on the recorder. Log on and review databases and discographies, a large collection of sound files in different formats, and a comprehensive history page. It also boasts sections on competitions and festivals, techniques and instructions, and societies and repertoire.

Web Arts: Woodwind Links
This link library organizes multiple Web sites devoted to the flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, recorder, and even the shakuhachi. If you log on, you’ll certainly find the link that is right for you.

Woodwind Central
Although this woodwind site is still in progress, it looks as though it will provide great resources for the woodwind enthusiast. Learn the differences between types of woodwinds, read up on some definitions, and find information on double-reed instruments. Soon this site will have MIDI files and RealAudio links.

Woodwind Instruments
This technical site explains the science behind how woodwind instruments work. Though for more advanced users, this site covers material such as conical bores, reed movement, sound radiation, and other scientific explanations behind the art of making sound.

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