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Technique & Instruction

Beginning Bassics
This terrific site is dedicated to introducing novices to the world of basses. Log on and learn everything from what to look for when buying your bass to practicing techniques. Beginning Bassics also offers help and sound clips for tuning, not to mention an extensive section on music theory.

BASSically Net
Targeted at those bassists who have gone past the basics, this site offers some tips and lessons, news and reviews, interviews with classical and jazz artists, and some transcriptions of bass music online. Check out the links to summer bass camps, shops, auction sites, and other sites that bassists would like.

Internet Cello Society
If you are a novice cellist, this site devoted to the cello and violoncello is for you. Get tips on how to get started, try some simple chords, and open a number of .wav files to listen to cello sounds. You’ll also find links to cello societies and events.

Musical Acoustics: The Violin
This physics site approaches how the violin and other stringed instruments produce sound. Though the explanations are aimed at a collegiate audience, some advanced high school students will find this a fascinating exploration into musical sound.

The Violin
This terrific Think Quest site created by Swiss teenaged musicians provides condensed and enlightening information on various things regarding the violin. Learn about violin mechanics and manufacture, and then turn to biographies of the most famous violin composers.

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