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Instrument Purchase, Care, and Repair

Catgut Acoustics Society
The organization provides information about the science behind strings. The society is interested in developing new and better instruments, especially violins, and assisting in the repair of old ones. Visit the site to find links to conferences and other acoustics research societies.

How to Make a Violin
The famed violinmakers school, Stradivari of Cremona, produced this photo-essay on how a violin is made. Log on and watch as they take you step-by-step through the process.
This online stringed-instrument superstore provides an enormous range of instruments and instrument accessories to choose from. Log on and select your instrument and maker, and do some comparison-shopping before you buy.

Stringed Instrument Care
Get all the information you’ll need on the basic care and maintenance of stringed instruments, climate problems and how to deal with them, and cleaning and polishing.

Violin Making
On this detailed and illustrated site, get information on the care and maintenance of the violin, cello, viola, and bass. Every part of each instrument is described and explained by the author, who is a professional stringed-instrument maker. Check out the sections on producing sound and violin construction as well.

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