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Technique & Instruction

The Business of Drumming
This site has comprehensive advice for drummers who wish to make a living at their craft. It discusses all aspects of gigging, recording, studio tuning and surviving as a drummer through other part-time jobs.

The page itself is simple, but its illustrations and step-by-step instructions focus on the technique of playing the castanets. The site is part of Flamenco Magazine, which offers a flamenco encyclopedia, information on artists, and a photo gallery.

Are you a cymbal beginner? Learn about ride, crash, splash, hi-hat, Chinese, and hand cymbals. Then explore some common cymbal terms.

Drum Set Lesson Menu
Beginners and advanced alike will find helpful drum-set technique instruction here. Some of the lessons are free, others are not, but they are all well illustrated, with music, diagrams, and instructions on drumming for different music genres.

Marc Zoutendijk Percussion Information
If you want detailed information on timpani other drums, drum sticks, and other percussion instruments, this is the site. Check out the section on percussion compositions and composers. You can download your own timpani exercises, review a metronome comparison chart, read about polyrhythm, and if still in doubt, check out the "Ask a Pro" section.

Paiste Audio Sound Libraries
This cymbal manufacturer's site offers a number of sound clips of different kinds of cymbals. It also gives illustrated instructions on playing and maintenance and has a photo essay on the production of the cymbal.

Pearl Drums
This drum manufacturer offers online clinics and basic tutorials that teach you how to play the drums. Learn about famous drummers in the site's "Artists" section, and be sure to check out Pearl's ezine for events in the percussion world.

Solo Jazz Vibraphone Discography
If you are looking for music that features the uncommon vibraphone, this site might help you. The author also sells a guide to the solo vibraphone that teaches how to take a lead sheet and transform it into an unaccompanied vibraphone solo.

Tomas Howie Drum Web
You can find instructions and drum patterns -- accompanied by sound clips -- for learning and practice here. The site also provides practice tips and a comprehensive section on the basics of music theory. There's also a set of frequently asked questions about technique, tuning, and instrument maintenance. Be sure to try out the Monthly Lesson section.

What is a Carillon?
This site gives you a simple, succinct introduction to carillon bells. There are illustrated descriptions of the history and development of the bells, as well as an essay that describes features of carillon music. It also introduces the mechanism of the carillon keyboard and explains how it works.

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