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General Information
Do you have questions about drums and percussion? This site tries to bring together experts of all kinds to answer your questions. There are professors, professional musicians, percussionists and other experienced amateurs who volunteer their time to help you with your doubts and queries.

Drumline Forum
This is an archive of the conversations conducted about drums and school bands, classified by topic. An exhaustive list of topics is organized here, ranging from discussions over the kind of grip to use, to problems like tendonitis, to the question of maintaining discipline in the band.

Drums and Drummers
This page introduces you to the history of the modern drum set and links to a large number of drummer pages both official and unofficial. It also provides links to drum magazines and e-zines, and provides information on drum recordings, videos, and books.

Drumline Organization
Would you like to get in touch with other school drum bands? This site provides extensive links to other bands and drum corps all over the United States. The site also offers sound files, some sheet music in .jpeg format, and a moderated chat forum where you can find well-organized archives of advice on topics from tuning to competitions.

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