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Army Bands Online -- History
Read the history behind the changing role of the U.S. Army Band. Learn how some bands received decorations for performance in combat and how other bands traveled throughout the world to aid public relations for the United States.

The Drum Corps Repertoire Database
This site maintains an enormous database of 30000 drum corps scores going back to the 1950s. You can type in the detailed search fields and look up a contest, or you can follow the links to other competition home pages. There is also a score mailing list to which you can subscribe.

Drum Corps FAQ
This FAQ will help you understand what drum corps and their competitions are all about, as well as what to expect when you join such an organization. It discusses budgets and fundraising, and also helps you make choices before purchasing recordings, videos, and books.

Heritage of Military Bands
This site serves many functions. It is a resource to military bands all over the world, with links and descriptions of bands as far afield as Oman and Bermuda. The section Perspectives on Military Music has excellent and informative articles. There is also a small MIDI file page, and resource links to companies that sell military band recordings or offer MIDIs of military band music.

World Military Bands
Want to learn the history behind the military band? This site provides information on the development of the military band over time, as well as miscellaneous articles on kettledrums, the place of the fife, as well as Finnish military music.

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