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Technique & Instruction

The Art Department Piano on the Net
There are a total of 34 free lessons, each estimated to require 35 minutes, provided on this site. The lessons are organized from beginner to advanced, and you can also chose to listen to clips of music being played. QuickTime and Java-capable browsers are required to fully enjoy this site.

Chord House
Geared toward helping guitarists and pianists, this site helps you find the correct chords with its powerful JavaScript helper. Select your key, then scale or chord, and the intervals and correct keys will be displayed on the keyboard. The site also provides a message board for discussions, and an FAQ page entirely devoted to answering all chord-related questions.

The MacCann Duet Concertina
The professor who runs this Web site has written a 49-page manual on the MacCann concertina explaining the differences between the MacCann and other concertinas. He also provides instructions on how to play different chords and read charts. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the manual.

Musicians and Injuries
If you are a musician and feel that some part of your body is irritated or unusually tired, you may have suffered some injury. This site provides explanations for many symptoms, gives advice on overcoming problems and when to seek help, and maintains a large list of books and videos to help you deal with or prevent injuries.

The Piano Education Page
Dedicated to the improvement of piano education, this site offers a lot of material. It maintains an up-to-date, detailed listing of competitions within the United States and internationally. It boasts a section for kids, answers questions about composers, and offers links to other fun educational sites. It also provides an FAQ, gives advice for music educators, reviews piano teaching materials, and links to other valuable piano sites.

Piano Practicing Principles and Methods Home Page
Brent Hugh is an assistant Professor of Piano, and his page is created partly to help other music educators. He gives suggestions on how to teach different aspects of music, provides a newsletter of practice tips, and also gives out free music on his site.

Suzuki Piano Basics
This is a site for music instruction in the Suzuki method. Read back issues of the Piano Basics Foundation News for additional information. This site also maintains links to a large number of Suzuki, piano, and music Web sites.

Virtual Music School and Piano Clinic
This site offers 15 free online piano lessons, illustrations and animations that explain the workings of a piano, as well as a virtual piano that you can click on to get information about individual parts. The site also provides tips on buying and on what makes a suitable piano.

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