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Instrument Purchase, Care, and Repair

The Harmonium Home Page
This page will explain to you the differences between a harmonium and a pipe organ. It discusses the workings and history of the free reed organ, provides a taxonomy of the different variants of this instrument, and includes a collection of MIDI files. Go to the small links at the top that will lead to information on harmonium performers and composers, and an interesting illustrated online manual on how to build your own harmonium.

Harpsichord Owners' Manual
The Web master of this site is a maker who sells custom-made instruments. He also provides information on how to maintain and take care of the harpsichord, with detailed advice on how to replace parts, such as the plectrum.

How Should I Take Care of My Piano?
The Piano Technicians' Guild maintains this page as a kind of public service. Not only does the page offer information on piano care and servicing, there are also helpful illustrations. Surfers can click on the hyperlinks for more detailed information in the technical bulletins. These bulletins offer advice on other piano topics like rebuilding, pitch raising, and voicing.

Peter Tkach Harpsichord Maker
The maker offers a detailed and captioned photo-essay showing the construction of a harpsichord from start to end. There is an essay on the French and Flemish styles of soundboard painting, and you can hear MPEG samples of the instruments available.

Purchasing and Caring For a Piano
Before you buy a piano, the advice on this page might be very useful. It discusses things to think about when buying old pianos, reconditioned pianos, and electronic keyboards. The care section is short, but there are some links offered to more resources.

The Reed Organ Society
On the Reed Organ Society page, try out the repair link to access detailed step-by step instructions on repairing your reed organ. Tour the extensive reed-organ photo gallery, check up the very large section on reed-organ memorabilia, do research on the reed-organ database, or check out the links page. If you still have unanswered questions, fill in the online form and the Web master will answer your question.

The Story of My Home Made Pipe Organ
The author of this article transformed himself from a music illiterate into a pipe-organ builder over his winter college break! Starting by experimenting with a vacuum-cleaner motor and two wooden tubes, he eventually built a pipe organ spanning four-and-a-half octaves. He also gives detailed illustrations, photos, and sample music clips.

Virtual Music School and Piano Clinic
Ever wanted to see how the mechanism of the piano works? This site offers illustrations and animations that explain the workings of a piano, 15 free online piano lessons, as well as a virtual piano that you can click on to ask questions about individual parts. The site also provides tips on buying and on what makes a suitable piano for the buyer.

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