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General Information

How a Player Piano Works
A self-playing musical instrument is always of interest to many people. This page gives detailed and illustrated explanations of how this instrument works.

Steinway Factory Tour
Take the online tour and learn how Steinway makes it famous pianos. You can also research Steinway's history, find detailed technical information on the different models the company offered over time, and check out the advice pages on choosing and buying a piano as an investment.

Sounds of Harpsichords and Related Instruments
This is a helpful site for learning about the differences between the harpsichord, virginal, clavichord, and other keyboard instruments. There are samples of the music each instrument produces, discography information, and a links section that will let you find anything from a harpsichord lexicon to an international harpsichord festival.

St. Louis Piano Community
Although this page looks as though it is community focused, it provides much useful help on maintenance and care. It also offers help for finding teachers, pianos, sheet music, and recordings.

Carey Beebe Harpsichords Australia
This is a makers' site. It explains the harpsichord, fortepiano, and the clavichord; provides a glossary; and introduces laypeople to the experience of watching restoration in action. It also discusses climatic information, like how humidity affects instruments in tropical areas. The site is available in six languages.

There are a large variety of things you can get from this British site. You can buy sheet music and download music software here. There are also many links to individual players, associations, and dealers, as well as magazines and organ clubs in different countries.

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