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Church Music and the Arts Links
While the site is not devoted exclusively to the organ, there are certainly a large number of organ-related links here organized in their own categories. You can find all kinds of organ fan pages, organ societies, builders' pages, glossaries, and information here, as well as links to other church and religious music sites.

National Piano Foundation
This site briefly touches on the NPF as a music education resource, providing contact information for those who want to learn more. But mainly, this site is devoted to the musical marvel that is the piano. There are fabulous pages packed with information on the history of the piano and even how to build your own. Visit the Kids' Corner for fun games and to access a library of downloadable piano .wav files.

Pipe Organs and Related Topics
This site keeps a database of organ-related events like conventions and competitions, and of organs in different countries. It also offers links to manufacturers, service providers for the organ, and other organist associations.

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