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MIDIs, Sheet Music, and Software

Classical and Flamenco Guitar MIDIs
This great site offers a number of MIDIs for classical and flamenco guitars. In addition, it also provides instruction and tips for beginners to these two forms of guitar, as well as histories, exercises, charts, and sound clips.

Classical Guitar MIDI Archives
This impressive site devoted to classical guitar MIDI files offers over 740 downloadable files from 135 composers. The database is clearly organized by composer and is updated twice per week. Additional information on how to create MIDI files, articles that explain the tablature notation system, and links to sites on the history of the guitar are provided free of charge.

Guitar and Lute
This site offers a good list of classical guitar and lute MIDIs from the medieval and baroque period for both solo and ensemble. Find information on festivals and workshops, free sheet music and tablature, and other useful materials, all housed on this site.

Guitar Man
This site offers users an opportunity to ask questions online, obtain reviews of guitar equipment, and to access resource links. You'll find a large collection of tabs created by private individuals as well as links to other guitar tab sites.
This extensive and well-organized site puts students in touch with teachers. Log on for a chat or buy guitar equipment. The site also features interviews with guitar greats, downloadable MP3s and tablatures, and song lyrics. Download chord- and scale-generator software from here as well. Tab File Search
This site organizes links to hundreds of guitar tabs and song lyrics in well-organized, up-to-date archives that allow searches by title or artist. The Web master has even humorously provided both top and bottom 10 lists. don't forget to check out the Chord of the Week!

Mandolin Cafe
This online cafe‚ provides plenty of links to mandolin instructors, and also offers detailed lessons online for free downloading. It also hosts a bulletin board for discussions, offers a link library, and includes MP3s.

MIDI Guitar Unofficial Home Page
On this site, you can get advice on and links for using the guitar and the MIDI synthesizer. Learn how to get cheaper set-ups, use equipment, and find equipment reviews, or access links to MIDI guitar and other related sites.

The 311 Guitar Archive
This site offers plenty of guitar and bass tablatures and lyrics that can be looked at online, or downloaded in a zip file. The Web master has helpfully provided a list of the contents and maintains charts and lists of guitar chords.

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