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Instrument Purchase, Care, and Repair

Elderly Instruments
This site sells secondhand guitar and folk instruments, recordings, and books. Elderly Instruments is also able to help buyers with specific requests, and have photos of individual instruments that they are selling onsite.

Guitar Repair
This great resource from lists and review links to help you care for and repair your guitar. If you have a problem with your instrument, this is the one-stop reference for you.

Purchasing an Acoustic Guitar
The author of this informative article, Brett Ratner, is a regular contributor to Guitar Player, Musician, Electronic Musician, and Music & Computers. Read his essay on what to look for when shopping for an acoustic guitar and to help you make some "sound" choices.

The Saxon Lyre: History, Construction, and Playing Techniques
This text-driven Web site provides a detailed history of the Saxon lyre, as well as how to make, play, and even tune your own lyre. A few graphics are included to help illustrate the process of making a lyre and also to display historical depictions of lyres.

The WWW Guitar Advisor
This Web site offers novices detailed advice on how to choose and take care of a guitar, as well as some information on guitar accessories and parts. Check out the glossary of guitar terms explaining the parts and terms used by guitarists.

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