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Classical Guitar Illustrated History
If you are looking for historical information on the guitar, this site offers a thorough and well-organized background of the classical guitar, images of ancient guitars, and information on the flamenco and flamenco guitar. This page is also available in French.

Classical Jazz Guitar
This site has a large and well-organized biographical list of classical and jazz guitar performers. In addition to the biographies, discographies and further links to fan sites on individual guitarists are available.

Guitar Gods
Log on to this site to get detailed bios and discographies on a selection of great guitar players such as Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix. Individual player biographies come with image galleries and links to fan sites in addition to music and tabs.

The Guitar Pre-1650
An excellent peek into the history of the guitar as we know it, this site organizes and distinguishes between over 25 varieties of guitar. So if you don't know your lute from your cittern, this is the site for you.

The Lute Page
This simple Web site provides links to everything from history, pictures of lutes, and hand-positioning tips, to guides to buying, lute mailing lists, associations, and FAQ. It even hosts lute classifieds and a page aimed at helping students with researching the lute.

The Lute and the Guitar
This enthusiast has an impressive homepage devoted to the study of the guitar, early keyboard, and lute. These primarily academic articles treat the history, development, and famous performers of these instruments. There is also an extensive bibliography provided.

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