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General Information

This charming site about the Gartner-Lyre is available in both English and German. Collected here are articles that cover the making of the lyre, the use of the lyre in children's education, the playing experience of the disabled, and useful information about playing the lyre in a group.

Guitar Gallery Music
This large collection of guitar-related links houses links to makers, luthiers, resources, online music magazines, publishers, guitar associations, newsgroups, recording artists, and composers. You can find music camps for children, music ezines in every genre, and song-writing newsgroups.

Guitar Nine Glossary
A concise and organized dictionary of guitar-equipment terms, this site explains everything from the A-B comparison to the Y-adaptor. The primary focus of this glossary is electric guitars.

Harmony Central -- Guitar
This comprehensive link library devoted to the guitar organizes a Web's worth of guitar links for you. Visit this site to find lists of newsgroups, magazines, manufacturers, retailers, equipment reviews, and general links.

Whole Note
This site has plenty of resources for Net-surfing guitarists. You can browse guitar-teacher profiles here, compose online, download MP3s, read articles and news about guitars, and get free lessons on various guitar styles. Whole Note has an attractive appearance, good content, and an easy-to-follow organization.

Yahoo! Guitar
The great portal Yahoo! offers up hundreds of links here for the guitar enthusiast and professional. You'll find categories such as classical, education, flamenco, organizations, and tablature, each filled with Web links.

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