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Blues Harmonica
This site has information and clips from harmonica greats and an online museum of harmonicas. It also offers lessons online and provides a good collection of links to other sites related to the blues harmonica.

The Celtic Harp
There's plenty of information on all aspects of the Celtic harp on this site, from purchasing to performing. Log on to access links to festivals and performances, teachers and composers, and even used harps for sale.
Everything possible about the concertina is offered here. The site hosts a classifieds page, houses a library of tunes available in MIDI and .pdf files, manages a discussion forum, and maintains a very helpful section on what to look for when buying a concertina. The page also provides information on topics from maintenance to health concerns for the concertina musician.

Greg's Bandoneon Page
On this page, Greg explains what a bandoneon is and tells us the history of this instrument. He also explains the tablature, gives advice on buying a bandoneon, and provides links to bandoneon and tango sites online. He also provides reviews of bandoneon music and maintains a discussion group.

This site has a large range of offerings for the harmonica player. There are detailed harmonica lessons on everything from motivation to cleaning to music theory. The database of harmonica teachers and gigs is extensive, as are the sections on tablatures and licks. don't leave without trying the blues-related games like hangman and crosswords.

Jack's Harmonica Heaven
Try out these online lessons that teach how to play, repair, and care for a harmonica. The author even advises that in 10 hours you can become a proficient player. This site offers a vast archive of harmonica songs for free, and sells harmonica books and scores.

Locksley's EZ Harp Method
This may be the most comprehensive Celtic harp education site on the Web. Visit the multiple pages on harp-playing techniques, and then try out the sections on purchasing harps, recommended books, harp history, and the glossary of harp terms in Gaelic.

The Mandolin Page
This site gives you the basics about the Mandolin and how to play it. It also provides chord and scale charts, as well as some downloads of music software. This site is geared more for students trying to find out about the Mandolin than for people who want performance hints or free music.

Pied Crow Site Index
The site offers a number of charts showing the keyboard layouts for a number of different types of accordions and concertinas. Take a look at the different blank tab-staff charts and print them for your use, and then check out the photo gallery.

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