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Bosnian Traditional Instruments
This short page serves as a concise introduction to Bosnian musical instruments. There are more links to short introductions on the zurna, tambura, sav, and sevdalinka.

Christian's Bandoneon Page
Christian is trying to revive the bandoneon. He provides extensive histories, discusses the keyboard system of this instrument, explains the inner workings and provides links to manufacturers. He also gives learning tips, a bibliography of literature on the bandoneon, and downloads of instructional software.

The Squeezebox
Do you know the different members of the squeezebox family or understand the different cultures in which they are played? Would you like to listen to some MPEG samples of the music, played on different variants of the squeezebox? If yes, then you are in the right place. This site also offers articles from the Diatonic Quarterly.

Sweet Music
Get loads of information on the history and development of the dulcimer, including descriptions and graphics of the many varieties of this instrument. This enthusiast's homepage is quite informal, but provides good content and links to dulcimer and other folk instrument festivals.

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