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General Information

This is the complete link library for all things accordion! Find the homepages and bios of individual performers or bands or check up on accordion history. Look at the extensive listings of the accordion in movies, literature, and paintings, or wander to the links to fan pages for the many different members of the accordion family. The site also provides access to a large number of sheet music and MIDI sites for the accordion.

Folk Stringed Instruments
This short, informative document helps list the crucial differences between folk stringed instruments, and provides measurements of their dimensions and string gauges.

Harp Player Resources
"Harp" here is slang for harmonica, and this page carries a large number of links to harmonica fan pages, theory and instructional sites, player homepages, and commercial sites. It is possible to get free music, harmonica charts and tablatures, and equipment catalogues here.

Recorder Home Page
This comprehensive resource provides well-organized links and useful information for the recorder. Visit the databases and discographies, then go to their large collection of sound files or try out the comprehensive history page. This site also boasts sections on competitions and festivals, techniques and instructions, and societies and repertoire.

Virtual Museum of World Instruments
The Ukrainian bandura and the Russian balalaika are two of the instruments you'll encounter on this content-rich site, produced by the International Folk Culture Center of Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, Texas. don't miss the link to the interesting article "Christmas Carols in Bulgaria" at the end of the balalaika page. The site is available in English or Spanish.

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