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American Recorder Society
The ARS maintains a detailed and updated list of many recorder events, such as festivals and workshops. Log on and find helpful links to businesses catering to recorders, check out the collection of back issues of the ARS magazine, or help locate teachers.

National Harmonica League (U.K.)
This site maintains a library of links to resources like harmonica makers and museums, instruction and recorded music, clubs, societies, and enthusiast pages. The links are very useful in finding anything from Asian blues clubs to gospel music for the harmonica.

The humorous acronym stands for the Society for the Preservation of the Harmonica in full. This association organizes conferences for harmonica players to meet and exchange tips, maintains a calendar of international events for the harmonica, and even has a directory of harmonica societies worldwide.

United States National Accordion News
This site is like an online newspaper for the accordion. It carries news of accordion events in the United States and competitions abroad, describes accordion band gigs, and helps with job searches for accordionists. It also links to other accordion sites.

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