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All American Music Festival
Organized in Orlando annually, the All American Music Festival has events for school bands, marching bands, jazz bands, orchestras, choral groups, color guard, drill teams, dance groups, and other performance groups. The organizers also offer music scholarships and keep photos and CDs of the competitors.

Bands of America
Bands of America offers both national and regional championships and festivals. It also organizes a yearly band symposium, and is affiliated with the Ravelli Foundation, which offers scholarships and maintains music educational projects. Music educators might find the copyright information and adjudication handbook offered online very useful.

Chamber Music Conferences
Do you play in a chamber group? This site offers a good range of resources for you, whether you are an amateur or professional musician, a Debussy or Baroque fan, a bassoonist or a player of period instruments. It offers an organized calendar of events on all matters pertinent to chamber music playing, ranging from conferences and summer camps to informal get-togethers.

Drum Corps International
The premier drum corps organization out there, DCI organizes events and sells tickets, hosts articles on the latest news, and organizes workshops for students and music educators. It also maintains an archive of scores and a calendar of events, as well as links to individual drum corps homepages.

Great American Brass Band Festival
The festival is held annually in Kentucky and features days of fun stuff like balloon races in addition to the band playing and a band conference held during the festival. The site also keeps information on bands, information on area sites of note, and an opportunity to book picnic tables on the days of the festival.

Midwest International Band and Orchestra Clinic
All told, this organization works for the betterment of music education by collaborating with educators to enhance music curriculums, developing new teaching techniques, and distributing information related to these ends. You can download a letter from the organization about the missions of the group and, while you're here, browse through their upcoming events and find out about previously held clinics.

National Federation of Music Clubs
The NFMC sponsors a number of festivals and competitions around the nation in order to support musical creativity. By recognizing the achievements of young talents, the NFMC attempts to identify and nurture young musicians. This page has a list of various award winners, information on joining the federation, and basic background information.

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