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Alto Trombone Home Page
This site provides fingering charts, information on and links to manufacturers, and descriptions of trombone makes in detail. Log on and check out the research abstracts and a guide to works featuring the alto trombone.

Horn Articles Online
This series of online lessons teaches various aspects of French horn playing technique, discusses methods and equipment, and even has suggestions on how to care for your lips. This site also includes an organized collection of articles on the 19th century horn.

Hugo Magliocco's Trombone Site
A valuable site for improving trombone technique, this online catalog of short articles covers slide skills, breathing tips, and more to help the troubled trombonist. Try out the terrific list of links to other credible trombone sites.

Trumpet Topics
Log on to this well-organized collection of short essays on how to improve various aspects of trumpet playing. Lessons include tips on tonguing, equipment cleaning, style changing, and many more. The author is a professor of Trumpet at Florida State University.

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