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Brass Instruments in Western Europe
Check out this history of brass instruments that spans from pre-Roman times to modern times. This site includes a variety of fascinating illustrations, such as pictures of brass production from ore, and also explains the construction of brass instruments.

Historical Brass Instruments
This commercial site provides histories of various brass instruments from the cornet and serpent to renaissance, baroque, and modern brass instruments. There is also a helpful guide to rotary valve trumpets available.

Historical Brass Society
The Historical Brass Society is interested in studying the history of brass instruments all the way back to Biblical times. This society publishes their own journal and provides abstracts online for viewing, and includes a good list of links to other music history and brass sites.

The Trumpet of Tutankhamun
Download the free software to listen to a recording of a trumpet from Tutankhamum's tomb. This is a great experience for younger brass players interested in learning more about the history of the instrument.

William and Gayle Cook Music Library
This bibliographic collection organizes many writings in several languages on historical brass instruments from the 19th century. This site is primarily for academics looking for bibliographic sources for research. Some of the sources here date from the 19th century.

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