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General Information

The Brass Heaven
This page offers a very large number of links to amateur and professional brass bands and performance groups, as well as information pages on topics associated with brass instruments and performance.

Brass Instruments
This Web site provides links to a number of sites and articles on brass instruments. Learn the difference between a baritone and a euphonium, check out articles on the development of the French horn, and review the large music file collection. Requires Quick Time.

BrassWorld International
While you may find many sites on the Web devoted to advancing the pedagogy of brass instruments, this site covers this and then some. Click on the toolbox link for great instructional resources, but stick around for the great articles about brass musicians of all skill levels, from the professionals to the weekend warriors.

Natural Trumpet Resource
This is a large link library for the trumpet. You'll find lists of books on trumpets, scholarly journals, trumpet events, as well as pictures of antique trumpets. Find music publishers or makers of trumpets and related accessories. Also don't leave without reviewing the links to trumpet ensembles and players' bios and emails.

Trombone FAQ
The FAQ provides answers to questions on trombone buying, playing tips, care, sources of music and literature, artist groups, and research bibliographies. If the site does not have the answer to your questions, then try their specialized search engine or link library.

Trumpet Stuff
This site provides video and audio clips on a large number of famous trumpeters. It also includes links to more information and fan pages. The list runs from Allen Vizzutti to Walt Johnson.

While you will find general information about joining the Tubists Universal Brotherhood Association on this page, you can also access a concise 10-point educational resource, and copious links to the tuba and euphonium sites around the Net.

Yamaha Brass Terminology
Great for students and teachers alike, the Yamaha Brass terminology page makes for a quick and simple reference for those involved in brass-instrument education.

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