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Associations & Journals

Brass World International
BWI carries articles, lists of summer camps and festivals, and boasts links to other resources like Brass associations, societies, and bands. It also provides a page that allows brass musicians to share tips with each other.

International Horn Society
The IHS organizes its own online magazine discussing everything from personal journeys with a horn to medical problems and academic debates on horn history. In addition, this site organizes symposiums and has its own thesis library, as well as links to other good horn articles online.

ITA – International Trombone Association
Committed to promoting trombone enthusiasm around the world, the International Trombone Association seeks to expand the literature, artistry, and pedagogy of the brass instrument. Learn about how to become a member or simply find links to other trombone resources with sites organized by playing ability and interest.

The International Trumpet Guild
The aim of the International Trumpet Guild is simple: to increase communications among trumpet players around the world and to improve artistic performance. It has been working at these goals since 1974 and has the backing of over 7,000 members from 64 countries. If you are interested in learning about the worldwide presence and diverse artistry of the trumpet, get more information on joining this guild.

North American Brass Band Association
Surprisingly enough, most musicians in North America don't know what comprises a brass band. Here, you can learn about the history of brass bands, acquire a thorough definition of brass band components, and for those already familiar, get information on joining one of the fastest-growing music organizations in the world.

Online Trombone Journal
Although most specialized journals are reserved for readers with an advanced understanding of the field, the Online Trombone Journal is committed to students of the trombone at any level. Thus, you will find articles submitted by experts in the field along with primers for beginners.

Trumpet Players' International Network
Put simply, the Trumpet Players' International Network is a place where trumpeters of all ages and skill level can communicate. You can place your own information on a membership database, submit scholarly writing, and even put your own music on the site for other trumpet enthusiasts to hear.

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