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Arabian Music - General

Arab Music
Rich with detail, this site charts the development of music from the birth of Islam in the 7th century A.D. to the present day. The authors, two notable ethnomusicologists, enliven the history and description of the musical traditions with plenty of images and audio clips. Though perhaps too advanced for most students, this site is a truly valuable resource.

Africa Online: North Africa
Learn about the music of Morocco. This easy-to-navigate site, broken down into regions then countries, provides maps, brief histories of the countries, local instruments, music trends, and musicians, plus a "listening booth" where you can download music samplers of major artists.

Encarta Encyclopedia Article on Arab Music
This site provides a straightforward account of the music of the Arab nations of the Middle East and North Africa, covering the history, melody and rhythm, sung poetry and recitation, instruments and instrumental music, changes in Arab music, and folk and popular music. The numerous hot button links define unfamiliar words and provide optional supplemental background to the streamlined text. This is a good starting place for anyone interested in Arab music.

Al Jadid Magazine
Al Jadid is an online art magazine featuring reviews of Arabian art, film, journals, music, and dance. It offers offer digests and reviews of new Arabian titles in the English language, as well as translations of important Arabic texts written by scholars, authors and artists. The content is appropriate for educators and more advanced students.

Al Mashriq -- Middle East Music
Focusing on music, song, and dance of the Middle East, this site offers links to artists, resources, audio clips, photos, illustrations, and descriptions of instruments. Read about the historical origins of Arabic music and learn how to play the harp-like qanun.

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