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Orchestral Music

CBC4Kids Music
This site has all kinds of musical resources. Watch out for sections, such as "Intro to Classical Music," which have great content, but push users to purchase the CDs under study. For noncommercial fun, visit "Guess the Instrument" or "Name that (Classical) Tune" for this month's quizzes and archived features.

Energy in the Air
Developed by students, this site explains how music and sound are made from instruments and air. It describes the history, operation, and sound of orchestral instruments using written descriptions, photos, and audio clips.

New York Philharmonic Orchestra's Activities for Kids
This clear, simply illustrated site contains all sorts of music-related activities. Teach your students to create a styrocello or a strawmbone. Then go "Behind the Music" to learn more about the instruments that make up an orchestra.

New York Philharmonic KidZone
The New York Philharmonic KidZone combines instruction with entertainment like no other music-themed Web site. Your students can literally spend hours here learning about musicians pasts and present, examining the instruments which make up an orchestra, and discovering the principles of music theory by trying their hand at making their own instruments.

Musical Instrument Encyclopedia
This simple online encyclopedia covers all the bases of Western instruments from the accordion to the xylophone and even odd instruments like the didgeridoo. You can find short historical and technical blurbs on each instrument, accompanied by downloadable sound clips so that you can get a feel for the unique sounds of each instrument.
Cartoon-like graphics and audio music clips make the American Symphony Orchestra League's an informative and fun resource for kids. Click on an area of the orchestra to learn more about each section, or select a specific instrument for more detailed information. In each section, there are interactive Shockwave games for students.

The Symphony: An Interactive Guide
If you teach music appreciation, band, or orchestra, you'll love this online guide to symphonies. Your class can hear clips of instruments, learn the form of the symphony, view a timeline of important music events, read about the world's composers, and enjoy clips of some of the most famous symphonies ever written.

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