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Technique & Instruction

Acoustic Guitar Central
Take lessons, chat with other players, check up on guitar summer camps, find manufacturers for specific guitar needs, and read hundreds of recording reviews. You can also browse the classifieds and get your questions answered on topics from guitar appraisal to getting a lefty guitar.

BUBL Link: Stringed Instruments
This online library provides links to instruction on and techniques for playing the guitar, violin, and basses. Also offers links to sites that introduce string instruments and how to maintain them.

Classical Guitar Instruction
On this Web site, you can get free instruction for classical guitar in text-based Web lessons and help in finding teachers and college courses for the classical guitar. Also, it includes highly technical articles in the Pythagorean system of intonation and in music acoustics.

Free Sitar Lessons
This site offers a fully illustrated, complete lesson plan in the sitar. In one long page, the author describes the history, maintenance, tuning, care, and correct sitting posture. Learn how to play this terrific instrument from India.

Guitar Lounge
At the Guitar Lounge, take free lessons that can be viewed and heard on RealPlayer on how to play acoustic, electric, and classical guitars. The site also offers online help with tuning your guitar and demonstrations of various techniques and chords.

Guitar Archives
Take lesson tips from other guitarists, read about guitar gear, and listen in to interviews with artists, for which this site keeps a 30-year archive. This site also features discussions of guitar techniques and music theory, with sound clips for illustration.

Killer Guitar Chords
This site boasts having hundreds of illustrated guitar chords. It also provides links to other guitar table and tab sites, such as the tabspider, that will help you easily locate sites with good chord positions.

Ukulele Chord Finder
See how to finger your ukulele by visiting this site. Click on the colorful keys to get the fingering to appear on the ukulele picture. You may need to download some plug-ins to use this site.

4-String Chords
The excellent resource simply provides fingerings for chords played on the Mandolin, Banjo, Mandocello, Mandola, Tenor Guitar, and Bouzouki. Select the chord you want played and you'll see a graphic that charts proper fingering.

Music and Guitar
The site presents four main sections, which are persistently being developed by the Studio for Guitar: Section I: Original music programs for schools: The New Music Educational Project. Section II: Play Guitar. A new method for the study of the guitar, On-line connected to the Internet. Or, by downloading the program "Play Guitar", directly to your computer. Section III: LIMOR is a subsidiary of Studio for Guitar, publishes music notes, produce guitar concerts and designs web sites. Section IV: Teaching guitar music and computers at the Studio for Guitar itself. Studio for Guitar is in Israel, in a beautiful northern valley next to mount Tabor and Nazareth.

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